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You should pay close attention to the choice of a hotel when planning your trip. Even if you think that you will come to the hotel only to sleep, the negative emotions in evening, when a person especially want to relax, can ruin an entire vacation. Especially if you wish to have a comfortable vacation.

Meals. Hotels in cities usually offer only breakfast or no meals.

In the resorts there may be such options in hotels:

  • - Breakfast
  • - Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • - Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • - "all inclusive" system, but note that in different countries what is included may vary.

  • Dinner at a hotel is a more economical option, but keep in mind that perhaps you'll have to give up an evening stroll because of it. In addition, you will have fewer opportunities to try the menu of nearby restaurants.

    Location of a hotel. If the main thing for you is to relax on the beach, than in first place you are interested in distance home from hotel to the beach.

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    If you plan to go to a big city, consider the options for how to get to the hotel if you plan to use public transport, subway station or bus stop should be nearby.

    If you prefer to walk on the streets or visit the club in the evenings, it is better to choose hotel in the city center. In any case, try not to choose the hotel that is too close to a noisy highway.

    Types of hotel rooms. You should discuss in advance the presence of the balcony and the area of the room. If you are traveling with children or simply want to enjoy the silence, it is desirable that the windows do not face the local bar or other place of entertainment, where there is loud music all night long.

    Generally, if you are going with children, than choose a hotel more responsibly. The lack of a playground, children's room, where kids can be left for an hour or two, children's menu in a restaurant - all this can ruin your vacation. To avoid mistakes you can read reviews about the selected hotel on the Internet at popular travel web sites and forums.

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