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Big car rental companies are trying to protect themselves from possible material losses referring them in the contract. One of the main terms of car rental is presence of a driving license and credit card verification. Car rental companies accept any cards: American Express, Viza (Gold and Classic), EuroSard, DinersSlub, MasterCard. What's in common between all of them them is that a substantial sum on the account can serve as a guarantee for the rent. Once the car is rented, a certain amount of money on your card is blocked. And if you will not violate the law or damage a car, the money would remain intact. Note that their release can take up to ten days. To rent a luxury and premium car, company may require proof of your loyalty - two credit cards. Some companies do not rent vehicles to customers who have experience of driving less than three years.

Typically, in car rental contract is stated that the client must return the car completely refueled (par. One Tank of Fuel). And if negligent or forgetful renter does not, he will have to pay for petrol at inflated prices by the vendor. If renter returns the car an hour after the time alleged in contract, he will have to pay for the additional day. In addition, large companies often require pre-specify the city where you are going to return the car. Such an item as Unlimited Mileage will give you freedom to form unlimited mileage (in the absence of such an item you'll have to pay for each additional mile beyond a certain limit). And if you're going to drive the car with someone else in rotation, you'll find the item "Additional driver change" that implies a surcharge.

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The key point of any car rental contract is insurance that burdens the cost of the car rental at 10-20% per day depending on the class of a car. From accidents you are insured by "Collision damage Waiper", the renter is exempt from payment in case of car damage. However, small car rental companies can offer a contract with the established franchise - a certain amount that the client pays in advance. Its just enough to pay a small accident (such as broken lights), and all losses beyond the renter will reimburse by himself. If, however, another car suffered in an accident, the "Third party liability" will come in handy for you. It protects from financial claims by the suffered party and perhaps even from a trial. It is recommended to book this type of insurance in conjunction with the conventional insurance in case of an accident.

Life and health of a driver is insured by Personal Accident Insurance. Although it is not mandatory, it is better to book it, because its cost is just an extra few dollars a day. Finally, Theft Protection insures from theft and its cost is 5-7 US dollars a day.

Before you sign a contract, your car will be thoroughly inspected and all the damage like dents, scratches and personal characteristics will be placed into a check list. With this document a car rental company can easily determine if you were careful with rented car.

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