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One of the most important part of air travel is buying an airline ticket. It is quite real to save on airline ticket. In this article we'll note the most common ways to fly cheaper.

1. Specials. Quite often airlines sell tickets at discounted prices. However, note that the cheaper is airfare, the stricter are the rules on its application. Be sure to inquire all the conditions that you'll have to observe to take advantage of privilege. In addition, such airline tickets usually can not be returned or are accepted with a substantial fine. So try not to be late. Also some of the special fares (the cheapest ones) usually have restrictions on a date of booking.

2. "Sunday Rule". It gives a significant discount on the ticket, if a person is in the host country on the night from Saturday to Sunday. A ticket bought with this rule may often be half the price!

3. A program of miles accumulation. "Air Miles" is a bonus program of a number of airlines and their related structures (hotels, stores, car rental firms, etc.). According to promotional programs, frequently flying traveler accrue a certain number of points for each mile he has done in the air travel, then these points can be exchanged for airline tickets or other services.

4. Charter. For those who are not afraid of flight delays and imperfect service on board, we can recommend to find a charter flight. A ticket for the charter flight is much cheaper than the regular one (sometimes 2-3 times). However, tickets for charter flights are non-refundable, the cost of air tickets when the tour is cancelled is not refundable.

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Beware overbooking

No one is immune from such unpleasant facts as overbooking of airlinr tickets. The fact is that when demand for airline tickets is increased, some airlines sell more tickets than there is in a plane. This practice is commercially justified, because not all passengers may ariive to a flight in time (someone have open date tickets, someone may just be late). But sometimes everybody come in time.

The main way to avoid this is to register one of the first, just remember that registration begins two hours before departure. If you already have a boarding pass, than no one can land you off the plane.

But what if you are denied boarding because of overbooking? According to the laws, the airline which risked selling more tickets should invite passengers to stay until the next flight and to reimburse the costs associated with accommodation (hotel, meals, telephone calls) to the passenger. If the flight has empty seats in first and business class, the airline is obliged to put extra passengers at these places with no extra charge. And if those seats are not enough, you may require to provide you a trip to your destination by another flight or another airline's plane.

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