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Travel agencies offer tours to many different places on our planet. Here are some tours that you should not miss!

Portobello Market in London

Portobello Market is located in the western part of London and is one of the most popular places among Londoners and tourists around the world. It is also the most famous antiques market in London.

Cyprus - vacations with children

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Asia. There are rocky mountains and green forests, charming villages and orchards, warm sea and beautiful beaches there. Visit ruins of ancient cities, monasteries, medieval castles, churches and get unforgettable experience.

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Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao that lie off the coast of Venezuela, are beautiful in their own way.

If you want to get a mass of impressions - go to Spain. There is probably no person who would return from Spain dissatisfied. This country is so rich in possibilities for various leisure, that this would satisfy the most choosy and demanding tourist. Small cities stretching along the coast are full of various restaurants, cafes, small shops, bars and clubs and all that is filled with the sea air, bright colors and lively customs of the locals.

Carnival in Venice

If you have decided to visit Venice and want to see the famous Carnival in Venice with your own eyes, then plan your trip for early February to immerse yourself in a holiday atmosphere.

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The deepest canyon - Colca Canyon in Peru.

Millau Viaduct - the highest bridge in the world.

Most snowy place on Earth - Mount Baker, Washington.

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest natural construction of Earth.

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Karl-Marx-Hof - the longest building on Earth.

Crow Cave - the deepest cave on Earth.

Roe River, Montana - the shortest river in the world.

Most high-altitude navigable lake - Lake Titicaca.

Hotel Reservations

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You should pay close attention to the choice of a hotel when planning your trip. Even if you think that you will come to the hotel only to sleep, the negative emotions in evening, when a person especially want to relax, can ruin an entire vacation. Especially if you wish to have a comfortable vacation.

Generally, if you are going with children, than choose a hotel more responsibly. The lack of a playground, children's room, where kids can be left for an hour or two, children's menu in a restaurant - all this can ruin your vacation. To avoid mistakes you can read reviews about the selected hotel on the Internet at popular travel web sites and forums.

Car Rental

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The key point of any car rental contract is insurance that burdens the cost of the car rental at 10-20% per day depending on the class of a car. From accidents you are insured by "Collision damage Waiper", the renter is exempt from payment in case of car damage. However, small car rental companies can offer a contract with the established franchise - a certain amount that the client pays in advance. Its just enough to pay a small accident (such as broken lights), and all losses beyond the renter will reimburse by himself. If, however, another car suffered in an accident, the "Third party liability" will come in handy for you. It protects from financial claims by the suffered party and perhaps even from a trial. It is recommended to book this type of insurance in conjunction with the conventional insurance in case of an accident.

Airline Tickets

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One of the most important part of air travel is buying an airline ticket. It is quite real to save on airline ticket. In this article we'll note the most common ways to fly cheaper.

1. Specials. Quite often airlines sell tickets at discounted prices. However, note that the cheaper is airfare, the stricter are the rules on its application. Be sure to inquire all the conditions that you'll have to observe to take advantage of privilege. In addition, such airline tickets usually can not be returned or are accepted with a substantial fine. So try not to be late. Also some of the special fares (the cheapest ones) usually have restrictions on a date of booking.